Aminovita Plus® Sonno Fast

Aminovita Plus® Sonno Fast

Aminovita Plus® Sonno Fast is a food supplement with Melatonin which, when taken shortly before bedtime at a dose of 1 mg (1 stick pack) contributes to the reduction of the time required to fall asleep. It also contains Oats, Eschscholzia and Hops useful for regaining physiological relaxation (sleep; in case of stress).

Suitable for
Format 20 stick pack of 10 ml
  • Gluten-free
When to use it

Suitable for:

  • Insomnia
  • Jet lag
  • Improve the quality of sleep

How to use

It is recommended to take 1 stick pack, as it is or diluted in 100 ml of water (about half a glass), just before going to bed.


Water, stabilizer: glycerol; SLEEPCOMPLEX® (L-Tryptophan and mix of hydroalcoholic extracts of Avena (Avena sativa L., aerial part of the flower), Eschscholzia (Eschscholtzia californica Cham., Aerial parts), Hypericum (Hypericum perforatum L., flowering tops), Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Miller, fruits), Hops (Humulus lupulus L., strobili), Lime (Tilia tomentosa Moench, buds), Uncaria (Uncaria tomentosa Willd. (Ex Schult.) DC., Bark)), Melatonin, acidity regulator: citric acid; preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate; aroma.

What does it contain

SleepCcomplex® (L-Tryptophan and mix of plant extracts) and Melatonin

Warnings and side effects

do not use during pregnancy and in children, or in any case for prolonged periods, without consulting a doctor. Hypericin not exceeding 0.7 mg. Hyperforin / hypericin ratio of no more than 7. If you take medications, ask your doctor for advice before using the product because hypericum extract can interfere with their metabolism also inhibiting its activity. Hypericum extract is contraindicated in children and adolescents. Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources. The expiry date refers to the product correctly stored, in unopened package.

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