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    PromoPharma is an Italian brand, a guarantee of high quality and safety.

    The PromoPharma catalog has a wide range of products to satisfy the most varied needs; from weight control products to dietary supplements, medical devices and cosmetics.
    The products are scientifically formulated by the research and development team in accordance with the most advanced scientific evidence in the sector.
    All products are Made in Italy and comply with the highest quality standards.

    PromoPharma products are notified, where required, to the Ministry of Health and respectful of current national and international regulations as well as quality control procedures.
    Our certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and GMP.
    Our medical devices are registered and bear the CE mark.

    Pre and post sales assistance is guaranteed, in both technical and commercial terms, by the Export Department team.
    Our distributors will be invited to attend training courses and exclusive events and will be able to count on the support and experience of the doctors at our technical scientific department.


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