Treatments and natural remedies against vertigo and tinnitus

Vertigo is not a pathology, but a symptom caused by a disturbance in the sense of orientation linked to an alteration of the functions of the equilibrium apparatus, namely the sense of body position and movement in the space. Those who complain of vertigo report unpleasant sensations like dizziness, feeling a lack of support or loss of balance. These can in turn trigger anxiety, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cold sweats and tachycardia. Instead, tinnitus is defined as an annoying buzz or continuous or intermittent noise in the ears. Even in this case, one can not speak of a real disease, but tinnitus is a common symptom of various diseases or stages of age. A lot of elderly people suffer from tinnitus, a reflection of the physiological loss of hearing due to age or auricular injuries. In both cases there are many triggering factors. Find out PromoPharma’s treatments and natural remedies against vertigo and tinnitus.