Proct03® Cream

Proct03® Cream

Proct03® is a cream indicated for the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease symptoms. It can be used in the presence of internal or external hemorrhoids, itching and burning.

Format 25 ml
  • Medical device
Line Proct03®
When to use it

Thanks to its innovative formulation, it forms a film barrier that protects and helps maintain the hydration and physiological elasticity of the anal mucosa, acting as a therapeutic adjuvant. Formulated with natural extracts, it performs a protective, lubricating, emollient and soothing action on the ano-rectal mucosa, quickly relieving irritation, pain, burning and itching.

How to use

For external application, spread and massage gently on the anal and perianal area.
For internal application, gently insert the cannula and press the tube so as to let out a quantity of cream able to cover the area to be treated. After use, unscrew the cannula, clean it thoroughly with warm water and soap and close the cream tube. It is possible to repeat the application several times a day, even at close intervals, and for prolonged periods.


Composition: EVO3 Complex ® (ozonated olive oil), ALLANTOIN, GAULTHERIA essential oil, ASO5 Complex® (dry extracts of red vine, horse chestnut, centella, butcher’s broom, oak, supported on sweet almond oil).

What does it contain

Active components: Evo3 Complex (ozonated olive oil), Allantoin, Gaultheria essential oil, Aso5 Complex (dry extracts of red vine, horse chestnut, centella, butcher’s broom, oak, supported on sweet almond oil). It contains no preservatives. It does not contain SLS and SLES, parabens, dyes and synthetic perfumes.

Warnings and side effects

In case of evident irritation or hypersensitivity to the product or one of the components, immediately suspend the treatment. Seek medical advice if the symptoms persist. Keep out of reach of children. In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, seek medical advice before use. Medical device to be used only on intact skin and mucous membranes. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes; in case of accidental contact, rinse thoroughly with water.

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